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With asthma you are sensitive to different triggers in your environment. The can cause inflammation and swelling in airpipes and make your allergic asthma worse.




Treatment is firstly to avoid the allergens. The fewer spores that enter your airways, or get in your eyes the less potent the triggering of your allergic asthma.


Standard second treatment is the use of antihistamines. Newer drugs which are non-sedating while still being effective are becoming more popular. These can help with itchy eyes and sneezing that frequently comes with allergic asthma.


For the asthma itself - treatment is the same as for any other asthma. An asthma management plan is set - including both reliever and preventative medications.


Some new studies have shown that learning breathing training can reduce both the allergic asthma - and the allergy symptoms. eg Buteyko Method for Asthma.



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